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Who Cares?

June 9, 2010

Jesus Appreciates the Effort

June 7, 2010

The Tithe Rap is not as shit-slurpingly horrible as Christian Side Hug, but that’s not saying much.

BP Isn’t All That Bad

June 3, 2010

Click for more uplifting images from the Gulf

Be Glad You Weren’t At Woodstock

June 1, 2010

Much is made of Jimi Hendrix blowing America’s fucking mind at that legendary show.  Little is made of the fact that his set followed these guys:

Blogs are so Cute at This Age

June 1, 2010

In February of 2009, Ian and I concieved a blog.  We incubated our fertile blog egg for a couple of months on Blogspot, and at the end of May, we proudly watched it use its egg tooth to crack through its shell and emerge largely in its adult form right here at

Thanks for sticking with us for a year.  We’ve had fun nurturing this little dumplin’.

May 27, 2010


An Historic Blog Post

May 26, 2010

At some point in my education, I learned that “an” is the form of the article “a” to be used before words that begin with vowels. The “n” is a sonic lubricant to help tongue and ear avoid sticky phrases like “a elephant.”

That is why I cannot fucking stand “an historic.” It doesn’t make sense. Was “h” sworn in as a vowel when I wasn’t looking? Have we gone cockney? It makes sense to use “an” if you don’t pronounce the “h”, but only a chimneysweep would say “an ‘istoric.”  If you like “an historic” so fucking much, I demand you use the following:

  • an hermit
  • an hippo
  • an headache
  • an helicopter
  • an hundred
  • an helmet
  • an habit

Now leave me alone.

Update:  I just read a bunch of interesting stuff about this subject on Wikipedia.  I was right.