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One Small Step for a Jerk, One Giant Leap for Jerk-kind

May 17, 2010

Dear NASA,

I woke up early this morning to watch Steve Bowen and Garrett Reisman on their spacewalk. I appreciate that the NASA TV feature on your website makes use of several cameras: those looking out from the International Space Station, those inside Mission Control, and those mounted on the astronauts’ helmets.

The helmet cam gives a fantastic astronaut’s-eye view of the work being performed. It also revealed a little more than I wanted to see. As a lifelong fan of both NASA and the Boston Red Sox, imagine my horror upon seeing that alien symbol on Dr. Reisman’s left forearm.

A little Googling revealed Dr. Reisman’s 17,500 mph “go Yankees!” fastball. I think his disgraceful sartorial choices, his nonsensical outburst, and his girl-like throwing are all evidence of space madness. Please get this man to Fenway, stat.



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