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May 16, 2010

It’s safe to say that Sarah Palin is the undisputed queen of Is It Luck‘s shit list.  Perhaps it’s because Ian and I don’t feel like we have much in common with a supposed leader whose rhetoric is so unlettered and whose ideas, when they come along, suck.  Her sole talent is her ability to connect with a political base all too happy to parrot nonsense like “drill baby drill” and titter at her oh-so-clever characterization of Obama’s campaign as “hopey changey.”

Had a mere 3.6% of 2008’s votes gone the other way, she would be…ugh. 

Anyhow, she’s really come into her own on the national stage since she lost the election and walked away from the Alaska governor’s oath of office.  A cushy job on Fox News, a shitty ghostwritten memoir, a new TV show and another book in the works, high-paying speaking engagements, not to mention her presence on both Twitter and Facebook.  Wow!  What a busy bee.

One of Palin’s mainstays in her post-responsibilities career has been to razz the President about his use of teleprompters.  Without articulating any reason for the invidious treatment of a device useful enough to have acheived ubiquity, Palin has consistently resorted to her teleprompter gambit. 

Who the fuck knows why?  Maybe it tested well in focus groups.  More likely than not, no one cares about teleprompters.  Instead, it’s yet another point on which thoughtless right wingers can engage their reflexive opposition to whatever Obama happens to be doing.  Had Palin decided to make a talking point out of Obama’s practice of getting his daughters ready for bed, you can rest assured that her audiences would object to pajamas.

Whatever the reason, the teleprompter got the ol’ Sarah Palin stinkeye, which is why I am happy to present some evidence that even Sarah Palin doesn’t take seriously the shit that dribbles out of Sarah Palin’s mouth.  That’s something Ian, Sarah, and I definitely have in common.

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