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I Hope You Found What You Were Looking For

May 10, 2010

As Is It Luck approaches its one year anniversary on WordPress, I decided to let you in on one aspect of blogging that brings me endless joy: the searches.

Every new bit of content on the blog makes it more likely for internet searches to lead people here. I am able to read the search terms that lead people here, and there are a lot of funny ‘uns.

Here are a few of my favorites from the past week (with my annotations in a steely blue). Enjoy.

fuck connecticut  (fuck connecticut?  fuck you!)
was it luck? (still is, buddy)
bob dillion
horse ejaculation
horse ejuclation
horse eiaculation
what does it feel like when a horse ejac
the ghastly act
bob dylan’s birth certificate (this birther thing has gone too far)
alan keyes is a loser (amen)
names of country which come between indi (I want to see the rest of that thought)
bab el had
fuck off ben (Yeah!  Fuck off!  Who’s Ben?)
maggot on anus
niels bohr birth certificate (we’ve been getting this search for months.  WHY?)
gay want men for fuk in delhi (you’ve come to the right place)
fake but real cigarettes

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