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Shame on the Hearda-Hattas

April 6, 2010

I am too angry to even write about this.  All I can say is that the rotten fucks in Itawamba County, Mississippi have gone way out of their way to make life suck for a lesbian girl.

The rest of the text is from Pharyngula:

Fulton, Mississippi: Skeeviest town in America

I thought the town was bad before, when they cancelled the high school prom because a young woman was going to bring a female date to it. But then there was a ray of hope: the school administrators changed their minds. There would be a prom after all, and Constance McMillen could bring her date! Wow! A progressive, reasonable attitude was prevailing!

Except not.

They had organized a new prom, all right…a prom just for Constance McMillen. The principal and teachers showed up to chaperone Constance, her date, and all of five other students who showed up, including two kids with learning disabilities. They basically quarantined off seven outcasts.

What about all the other kids at the high school? They got to go to a prom, too, a special one organized by the parents for just the True American™ kids. Constance wasn’t told about it, which is the amazing thing: all the kids who showed up at the alternate prom knew about it and kept it secret. That’s impressive. I remember my high school, and news like that would be all over the place.

The other kids at Itawamba Agricultural High School are really special. Special scumbags. Bigots and haters and cowards. I hope they remember that for many years afterwards, that what their school is internationally known for is that it is populated with weasely little homophobes. What a disgrace.

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