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Change the Tone in Washington?

March 26, 2010

When politicians run for national office, they always seem to make a lofty and sweeping pledge to work on the partisan failures of political discourse. We like our candidates to run on bipartisanship, even though no matter where your beliefs lie, the other guys are always assholes.

Anyhow, this perennial refrain about changing the tone popped into my head when thinking about the TEA fucks who have been threatening Democrats since the passage of the health care bill. The latest example of lofty dialog came via mail to the office of Minnesota Representative Betty McCollum. Accompanying a note that read “Betty McCollum, you’ve been dry fucked by the liberal party” was a condom that had been removed from its packaging. I’ll admit – the care package gets a 10 out of 10 for style. There’s nothing more disgusting than someone else’s condom and the phrase “dry fuck” (in that context or any other) is unquestionably hilarious.

McCollum’s office also received a shredded American flag that had been soaked in gasoline.

Fuck Washington, we need to change the tone in Minnesota. And everywhere else. People seem not to understand that when they lose elections, policies with which they disagree will be enacted. The best way to respond is not violence, condoms, or defacing American flags (though I am glad to see people taking full advantage of a particularly controversial First Amendment right), but by making winning arguments the next time around.

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