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The Unhinged Right

March 24, 2010

Before this weekend’s healthcare vote, Representatives Clyburn, Cleveland, and Lewis were called “nigger” by hysterical protesters. Barney Frank was called “faggot”. Since the vote, 10 Representatives have received around-the-clock security in response to credible death threats. Several Democrats’ offices around the country have been vandalized.

Apparently, the idea that a 25-year-old child is entitled to remain on his parents’ insurance policy is too much to bear. Or 32 million more Americans being insured. Or perhaps it’s the indignity of the idea that 45,000 American lives might be saved each year.

But war and torture are a-ok.

Update: Upon further consideration, maybe they’re right. How can we stay united as a nation (indeed, why should we) when insurance companies can no longer deny coverage to customers who are diagnosed with cancer? Where does it end?!? The day when Bolsheviks rape our mothers can’t be too far off.

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  1. JoJo permalink
    March 25, 2010 12:12 am

    did stuff like this happen in the past, but doesn’t make the textbooks? when fdr put people back to work, were damsels tied to train tracks and sticks of dynamite thrown at sheriffs?

    • Barry permalink*
      March 25, 2010 12:26 am

      George Washington famously quashed the Whiskey Rebellion. Apparently, that was spurred in part by a higer per-gallon tax being imposed on small whiskey distilleries than on large ones. Washington’s own whiskey-making operation at Mount Vernon just happened to make the cut for the lower rate.

      But that’s a tax being levied against a particular set of people who then got violent. Of course, bloodletting was cutting-edge (ack ack) medical care back then, so it’s a good thing GW didn’t make that an issue, too.

      I just read that another US Rep (Carnahan) had a coffin placed on his lawn.

      A little historical context.

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