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Up Yours, Mississippi; or, Lesbians are Tolerable, Mississippi is Not

March 11, 2010

Itawamba County Agricultural High School in Fulton, Mississippi has decided to cancel its prom rather than letting a lesbian couple attend. If Itawamba County, Mississippi is similar to the rest of the state, its residents are disproportionately fat, illiterate, and poor. Now the poor students of Itawamba County Agricultural High School -already depressed about their obesity, poverty, and illiteracy- have to contend with the additional misery of not having a prom.

I’m 100% certain* that they’re doing the right thing by blaming the school board for punishing every student for the board’s own bigoted miserable intolerance. I’m positive* they’re standing by their classmate who has been singled out as so menacing and odious that it’s better not to have a prom than to allow them to attend. I have no* doubt that the good people of Herda-Hatta-Herda County Agricultural Hatta-Herda are on the right side of history, just as Mississippi has been for so very, very long.

* In this case, the use of an asterisk as an indicator of potential ironic or contradictory statements is being exploited to comedic effect merely for its presence. In spite of the asterisks’ presence, I have chosen not to include any further statements.

Except for that one.

And that one.

And that one.


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