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Amon Göth Was a Bad Guy

March 10, 2010

In my last post, I mentioned Amon Göth, the Nazi portrayed by Ralph Fiennes in Schindler’s List.  Here’s what a survivor of the Plaszow camp had to say about  Göth:

Prisoner Joseph Bau (Prisoner Number 69084) described Göth the commandant of Plaszow:

 For even the slightest infraction of the rules he would rain blow after blow upon the face of the helpless offender, and would observe with satisfaction born of sadism, how the cheek of his victim would swell and turn blue, how the teeth would fall out and the eyes would fill with tears.

 Anyone who was being whipped by him was forced to count in a loud voice, each stroke of the whip and if he made a mistake was forced to start counting over again. During interrogations, which were conducted in his office, he would set his dog on the accused, who was strung by his legs from a specially placed hook in the ceiling.

 In the event of an escape from the camp, he would order the entire group from which the escapee had come, to form a row, would give the order to count ten and would, personally kill every tenth person.

 At one morning parade, in the presence of all the prisoners he shot a Jew, because, as he complained, the man was too tall. Then as the man lay dying he urinated on him.

 Once he caught a boy who was sick with diarrhoea and was unable to restrain himself. Göth forced him to eat all the excrement and then shot him.”

 It is often difficult for me to believe that Germany and Austria, the countries at the pinnacle of culture and scientific achievement in the first half of the 20th century produced so many monstrous villians.  I hate the Holocaust.

Here is a neo-Nazi’s tribute video to the killer.  It’s a bunch of photos of Göth and a few of his dog Ralf.  The neo-Nazi user believes  that he was a hero, but he wasn’t even one of the refined, urbane Nazis.  He was a fucked up maniac.

Here is video of  Göth’s execution.  The executioner twice made the rope too long.  What a fucking mess.  You can see the world become a better place right at the end. 

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