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Things It’s Ok to Ask of Our Troops

February 19, 2010

Among the demands we place on our military personnel are the requirements to:

  1. Endure brutal training
  2. Leave their families for long periods of time
  3. Travel to harsh climates
  4. Forgo material comfort
  5. Dodge bullets
  6. Fire bullets
  7. Bear the risk of IED
  8. Eat sucky food
  9. Kill humans
  10. Watch friends die
  11. Watch friends be maimed
  12. Die
  13. Be maimed
  14. Get shitty pay
  15. Bring order to hellholes

But we can’t ask them to serve alongside gays and lesbians?

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  1. JoJo permalink
    February 19, 2010 6:51 pm

    the marines invading iraq in david simons’ “generation kill” are pretty cool with “fruity rudy”, as he is called.

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