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Banning Anne Frank’s Diary is Not a Good Idea

February 2, 2010

Last week, I mentioned a school that banned a dictionary because a parent was unhappy that it defined “oral sex”.  The latest banned book: Anne Frank’s diary.  An edition released since the last time I read it includes some passages in which Frank documents her own sexual development.  Apparently, that’s too much for school kids (who are probably about her age when they read it.)

As I recall, the actual sexual contact in that hiding space along the Prinsengracht was limited to Anne’s kissing Peter van Pels, so I am not sure what passages necessitated the diary’s ban in the parents’  little minds.

I cannot empathize – I can’t even pretend to empathize – with the kind of person who would thumb through a dictionary or Frank’s diary and decide that its content was unfit for academic consumption.  Seriously.  Choke on a rotten dick, you fucking losers.


PS – Read about it on Brayton’s blog.

PPS – Apparently, the story’s not quite as bad as originally reported.  I’m still annoyed about the dictionary, though.

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