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You May Know them as Billy and the Boingers

January 30, 2010

But they’ll always be Deathtöngue to me.

I can’t stress enough how influential Bloom County was during my formative years. I played tuba and I’m sensitive like Opus, I’m becoming a lawyer like Steve Dallas, and I snort “tender vittles” like Bill the Cat. Ack. I’m not as down-to-earth as Milo Bloom, as flaky as Binkley, and I’m certainly not as smart as Oliver Wendell Holmes. I’d like to think there’s a little bit of Portnoy’s misanthropy in me.

Don’t get me started on Mrs. Limekiller or Lola Granola.

Somewhere in my parents’ house are Babylon, Penguin Dreams and Stranger Things, Billy and the Boingers: Bootleg, and Happy Trails (no Wikipedia article! Shame on you, Wikipedia!) I don’t anticipate getting through life without Bloom County: The Complete Library.

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