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If You Oppose Same Sex Marriage, You Are A Bigot. Period.

January 30, 2010

Opponents of same-sex marriage are typically pretty upset when they’re called out for being bigots. I think it’s pretty simple: they’re bigots.

They want to deprive gays of rights they enjoy. That’s hypocrisy. They justify their hypocrisy through moral condemnation of a suite of behaviors validated as normal by mental health experts and by nature (I understand that being natural does not make it right, but it’s worth pointing out in the face of opponents’ calls of “unnatural relationships“).  So they’re bigoted hypocrites with their fingers in their ears.

For evidence of the ugliness that necessarily accompanies such bigotry, look no further than the case of Dennis Engelhard and Kelly Glossip.  Englehard was trooper in the Missouri Highway Patrol who was killed in the line of duty.  By all accounts, he was an outstanding and well-respected trooper.  Glossip, his survivor, is being denied all the benefits available to heterosexual troopers’ partners.  He’s even been left out of Engelhard’s obituaries.  It’s a cruel and unjust outcome bolstered by the precise brand of bigotry behind the movement to deny gays the right to marry.

In order for opponents of same sex marriage to slip the “bigotry” tag, they need to prevent vile situations like Englehard’s from happening.  But they won’t prevent it, because it’s precisely what they want. They want gays to suffer unnecessary hardships.  This conclusion is impossible to avoid.

I learned of this  vile affair at Pharyngula.

Update: With a few exceptions, the news story’s comments provide many ugly peeks into small minds.

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