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Bishop Harry Jackson is an Idiot

January 25, 2010

Harry Jackson, the self-appointed, carpetbagging, anti-gay parasite wants you to know he’s not just a one-issue moron. In this column, he shows his stupidity to be a well-rounded. A utility douche. He’s one of those assholes who gleefully characterizes homosexuality as unnatural, but this comment shows him to be not quite an authority on the workings of nature:

[M]y own wife’s two pre-marriage abortions may have caused the two miscarriages she had during our marriage. More specifically, I referenced that we have had two wonderful, accomplished daughters – but no boys. I feel that one of the miscarried babies was definitely a son – A son that I hope I will meet some day in heaven.

Now, these remarks are of an especially personal nature, and not something I would normally criticize. But Jackson opened the door by using the miscarriages as ideological ammunition. Furthermore, his keen interest in homosexual behavior respects no personal boundaries, so perhaps it’s time he got a taste of his own bilious medicine.

Harry, you are a fucking idiot. You have no idea whether the miscarried fetuses would have developed into males or females. Gender is primarily a matter of genetics, not your feelings, you arrogant piece of shit. You might as well flip a coin.

Oh, and I admire your decision to publicly blame the miscarriages on your wife. You’re an elegant man. A real mensch. Your desire to blame your wife is not even rooted in fact, dickhead.

In Jackson’s honor, I would like to know what you think, dear readers. Cast your vote in this super-scientific poll:

Harry Jackson sucks. Harry Jackson sucks. Harry Jackson sucks.

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