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Rudy Giuliani “Knows” a Lot About Terrorism

January 11, 2010
  1. Giuliani knew that World Trade Center building 7 was a great choice for the city’s emergency command center.  After all, the Department of Defense, Secret Service, and CIA were all tenants there.  Proximity to those valuable resources could have been vital in an emergency.
  2. Giuliani knew better than the NYPD’s experts who claimed that the federal agencies made the WTC more of a target and that the command center belonged elsewhere.
  3. Giuliani knew better than the NYPD experts who identified “significant points of vulnerability” in WTC7, including: a 1,200-gallon fuel tank, public access, a large garage, and its proximity to (and dependence on) the plant that provides most of lower Manhattan’s electricity.
  4. Giuliani knew that it was a good idea to put the command center on the 23rd story of a building in a complex that was bombed 5 years earlier.
  5. Giuliani knew better than to place the command center in Brooklyn, out of harm’s way.

But enough about the command center, let’s discuss what Giuliani knows now.  He knows, with enough confidence to declare it on national television, that there were no terrorist attacks on the United States during George W. Bush’s administration.

  1. He knows, apparently, that on September 11, 2001, 4 planes were not hijacked.  Nor were 2 of them flown into the same complex where he decided to put the command center.
  2. He knows that Amerithrax didn’t lead to 5 deaths and 68 anthrax infections.
  3. He knows that Richard Reid did not fill the soles of his shoes with plastic explosives in an attempt to murder everyone aboard American Airlines flight 63 on December 22, 2001.

 Pardon me for being skeptical of America’s Mayor and the exemplar of leadership under pressure on one of the worst days in American history, but Rudy Giuliani is fucking clueless.  Between his terrible decision-making and his neglect of events during the Bush administration, Giuliani has showed himself to be a disgraceful hack.  He has done far more than anyone else to expose his lack of leadership and authority.

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  1. Jonathan permalink
    January 11, 2010 7:05 pm

    Oh yeah Barry! I want you to look at the following and tell me he wouldn’t be amazing as president. Just imagine what the state of the union address would be like.

    Here are the google image resaults for Rudy Giuliani Drag:

    Here is a video of Rudy in drag:

    There is an older video of him in a hot tub with two gay men, but I can’t find it.

    • Barry permalink*
      January 11, 2010 7:24 pm

      As my friend Noah would say, “whoop dee shit”. The biggest issue Giuliani sells himself with is terrorism, and his track record frankly sucks.

      If it weren’t a life-and-death issue, I would be happier about his willingness to get fabulous.

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