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Dishing it Out, But Not Taking It, No. 2

January 4, 2010

While I am on the subject of ignorant cows who can’t take jokes at their own expense, my hero Matt Wendus has found himself at the center of a little controversy, too. 

Wendus, you may recall, is the genius behind RipFork, the blog that reviews music reviews.  If you’ve read the tepid diarrhea that passes for music criticism, you won’t be surprised to learn that Wendus generally takes a dim view of it.

Well, it seems that the folks guilty of spraying said tepid diarrhea into the ether have caught wind of Matt’s ability to call spades “spades.”  And they don’t like itNot one bit.

Keep blubbering, bitches.  Wendus is smarter than you, he writes better than you, and he doesn’t take himself half as seriously as you do.  Since the overwhelming likelihood is that 87% of you are failed musicians yourselves, it’s pretty clear that your ideas about music suck to begin with.

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