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It’s Not Bigotry

December 21, 2009

It is common for the Christian right to howl in outrage when they’re accused of bigotry; “of course we don’t hate homosexuals,” they say, “it’s just their behavior that we can’t stand.”  If you haven’t seen through their bullshit yet, here’s all the evidence you need that they’re intolerant of gays whether or not said gays are frenching in front of them: several conservative Christian groups have issued an ultimatum to CPAC – either the gays go or we do.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, a group of gay conservatives is cosponsoring the 2010 CPAC convention.  Conservative Christians are willing to ignore the myriad positions they share with GOProud because the one issue on which they differ – whether homosexuality can be tolerated – is a dealbreaker for them.  Nevermind that the John Birch Society, a group of conservatives so fucking delusional they once accused Dwight Eisenhower of being part of the Communist conspiracy, will also cosponsor the event; their presence is just ducky as far as the Christians are concerned.

The Christian groups are probably patting themselves on the back for rejecting pragmatism in favor of principle.  Well, great.  The less cohesion there is on the right, the better.  There would be nothing more fitting than for their bigotry to undermine their own ugly agenda.
Oh wait, I’m sorry.  There is a practical reason to oppose homosexual enfranchisement, after all:

CPAC fails to realize that the agenda of homosexual activist groups like GOProud has not only negative social and moral consequences, but also negative economic consequences.

Negative economic consequences. Sounds scaaaaaaaary. To the back of the bus with you, homos.

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