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DemonWatch ’09: Rod Parsley Edition

December 17, 2009

Yesterday, I wrote about Reverend Rod Parsley’s plea for $3 million.  He complained that demonic and satanic forces were conspiring against his ministry; by running his words through a religious euphemism to English translator, you learn that his ministries recently paid $3.1 million to the family of a three year old boy who was severely beaten with a ruler at Parsley’s “Cuddle Care” preschool facility.

But it takes more than a simple translation to learn the rest of the facts about Cuddle Care.  It turns out that the man who beat the boy was a substitute; the last time he supervised Cuddle Care, another child suffered from a fractured skull and a concussion.  The parents of the beaten child were prohibited from speaking to school officials and threatened with trespassing charges if they set foot on the school’s campus.

Keep that in mind if you choose to watch the mewling grovelfest that Parsley posted on YouTube.

The only people more pathetic than Parsley himself are the deluded morons who send him money.

Thanks to Ed Brayton for posting the video.

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