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Was Jesus Christ as Paranoid as Ken Ham?

December 6, 2009

Doubtful. Jesus let a narc into his inner circle, while Ken just lobs wild and indignant accusations at whoever walks by. I’m sure you remember that Ham is the shitslinger-in-chief of Answers in Genesis, America’s premier liars for Jesus and a wicked-to-the core organization.

Days after secular students came to his Creation Museum, he posted photos of their cars online. Ostensibly posted to show the depravity evidenced by their bumper stickers, what I gleaned from the photography was the creepy paranoia that must have motivated the ministry to photograph the cars in the first place.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Ham is outraged whenever anyone makes reference to the triceratops wearing a saddle that’s on display somewhere in the museum.  He points out that it’s not part of the main exhibit and that it’s there for children to take photographs on.  Therefore, according to Ham, anyone who makes fun of it is using it as a red herring to distract from the evolutionary paradigm-rattling science on display elsewhere in the museum.  Roger Ebert mentioned the saddled triceratops in a recent column comparing New Age kooks on the political left to creationist nuts on the political right.  Notwithstanding the strengths and weaknesses of Ebert’s thesis, Ham just can’t take it when that triceratops is used to symbolize the intellectual debasement of his entire worldview (although, Ham is quick to point out that the triceratops is in debasement of de museum.  Tap, tap tap…this thing on?)

It’s not a part of our dino exhibit at all—it’s a photo op found at the end of the museum where parents can take pictures of their children riding a small Triceratops. For this famed film critic to use this in the way he has to malign the quality and seriousness of the museum’s exhibits shows a total ignorance of the real situation—it is obviously meant to deliberately mislead people and undermine our integrity.

Undermine their integrity?  Ha!  What Ham doesn’t mention is that steps away from his novelty dinosaur, visitors to his museum can find humans and dinosaurs frolicking together on display in the main exhibits.  He seems to believe that what people object to is the saddle itself, and not the outrageously stupid contention that humans and dinosaurs coexisted.  The triceratops makes a nice symbol for the intellectual depravity of the whole museum, but Ham refuses to acknowledge this, instead claiming to be victimized by each repeated reference to the saddled dinosaur.

It seems that conversation about the enormous shortcomings of his worldview are over Ken Ham’s head.  Perhaps he should stick to photographing bumper stickers.


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