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Glenn Beck Loves the Holocaust

October 14, 2009

That is to say, he loves invoking Nazis and the Holocaust to support his paranoid delusions about Barack Obama.  According to the latest iteration of said paranoia, “they” are “coming for” Fox “News” Channel.

He must think that his audience is just as crazy as he is, because he never needs to specify who “they” are or what horrible future awaits Fox and its employees.

Of course, Ian and I have mentioned the problems with Hitler comparisons before:  they are fucking stupid.  It’s not just “I didn’t know better” stupid.  It’s an abject, drinking-grape-soda-for-breakfast, tattoo-on-the-forehead kind of stupid.

In case you forget how utterly evil HItler was, consider this: when they were at war, Stalin wrote a letter asking Hitler to be less brutal.  Stalin!

If anything, Obama lacks Hitler’s effectiveness.  Maybe he could stand to be a little bit Hitleresque.  No.  NO!  NO NO NO.  The whole point is that Hitler was so evil, such pure dog shit of a human being, that no one in American politics in 2009 is like him.  No one builds death camps, murders dissidents with secret police, embarks on wars of aggression, or fantasizes about how sweet life will be when all the Gays/Slavs/Jews/Romani/Mentally Defective are dead.

So Sweet Glenn: your latest torrent of verbal diarrhea has earned you some ugly, mean, shitty snarling chihuahuas. Perhaps you should make yourself disappear before Der Barackenfuhrer has to do it.

Yip!  Even we're too smart to compare a lousy news organiation to Anne Frank!  Yip!

PS – I am not saying that Glenn Beck raped and murdered a young girl in 1990; that would be a vile and unfounded allegation. However, I do have some concerns that Glenn Beck may have raped and murdered a young girl in 1990. Until he can show some definitive evidence that he did not rape and murder a young girl in 1990, Beck can’t be trusted.

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    You might be interested in my latest projectlet, as well as Names’.


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