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Everything’s Corrupter in Texas

October 1, 2009

It looks like Texas really fucked up.  The conviction and 2004 execution of Cameron Willingham for the arson death of his three daughters were based on no good evidence.  All subsequent scientific inquiry has revealed that the fire was accidental.

Yesterday, Governor Rick Perry fired several members of a state commission looking into the matter.  This Friday, they were  to hear testimony from an expert  who thoroughly debunked the evidence leading to Willingham’s execution.

The people who continue to insist that Willingham committed arson talk about their feelings; they feel he was guilty – after all, he had tattoos and listened to metal – and that should be enough.   Their arguments are without factual basis.

It’s no surprise that Perry – who has allowed 200 people to be executed during his tenure – doesn’t want to know if innocent blood is on his hands.  I bet that bloodthirsty ghoul sleeps like a fucking baby at night.

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