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Smells Like Teen Holy Spirit

September 30, 2009

How stupid – how abjectly, monumentally fucking stupid – do you have to be to think that this banner belongs at a public school’s football game:
Words Fail Me

Precisely this stupid, actually:

The cheerleaders are not trying to push a religious cause, to shove religion down someone’s throat,” said local youth minister Brad Scott, who was LFO High’s class president in 2004. “The cheerleaders are just using Scripture to show motivation and inspiration to the players and the fans.

The rest of the article contains plenty more contempt for the Constitution from the mucky-mucks at the Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe High School in Tennessee. Take the superintendent’s posture. Please. She claimed to personally support the signs, but professionally acknowledge that there just might be something expensive about retaining them.

Personally, I appreciate this expression of their Christian values; however, as superintendent I have the responsibility of protecting the school district from legal action by groups who do not support their beliefs.

What a cunty, cunty thing to say. She should be proudly upholding the separation of superstition and state, not protecting the district from legal action. Fuck her.

And fuck the mayor, who said, “If it’s offensive to anyone, let them go watch another football game. Nobody’s forced to come there and nobody’s forced to read the signs.”

I can’t stand it, and neither can my snarling chihuahuas. Anyone want to take bets on how well this school’s graduates understand evolution?
Yip!  Yip!  Let's Go!  Let's Fight!  Let's Shit on the First Amendment Tonight!

Thanks to Skepchick for the link.

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  1. Steve B permalink
    October 1, 2009 11:30 am

    I know you take this very seriously so I need some insight into the ‘plight’ of the modern atheist Bear-Claw. I just don’t get the point of even challenging an expression like this on such a small stage- lest to satisfy the need to entrench against the erosion of principle. Why not just ignore it? I consider myself a secularist and don’t think religion should have a role in governmental or political affairs, but does this act really diminish the Constitution? Save for the follow up comments of the public officials, I don’t see the actual banner as government action. In what way does an individual or group of citizen’s personal, albeit public, espousal of their religious beliefs impede an individual atheist’s daily pursuit of liberty. They don’t believe in God and that is that, so why would they even care what a believer thinks? I’ve never understood how it affects their non-belief. Unless you are trying to recruit more non-believers does it really affect your ideology at all? Is speaking out against a believer not a contradictory condemnation? I realize that separation is the issue, but it’s a two way street. The ‘believers’ are subjected daily to the presence of atheist thought too, and the argument could be made that its equally offensive to publicly decry and tread upon an actual belief system than upon an acceptance of nothing. In the words of Ted Knight’s immortal Judge Smails to his grandson Spalding in Caddyshack, “You’ll get nothing and like it!”

    I’m not extolling the virtue of the equally, if not more, divisive behavior of the believers, but why not save the battle for the situations where the sanctity of the Constitution is really in jeopardy rather than furthering the alienation between believers and non-believers, and thus fostering yet another divide in an already fractious society? I’m just sayin friendly non-believer. – Bushwhacker

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