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Come On Like a Dream

September 17, 2009

Last week, I saw A.A. Bondy at the Rock & Roll Hotel here in D.C.  I’ve had his first record, American Hearts for a while now.  I don’t yet have his second record, When The Devil’s Loose, but after the show that he put on, I’d be a fool not to get it.

Taking the country music idiom as a jumping-off point, Bondy blended noise, electronics, and distortion seamlessly into his gorgeously-crafted songs.  His voice is ragged around the edges, perfectly complimenting dark and hopeful lyrics.

He’s enough of his own artist that it’s not terribly useful to compare him to other bands, but I think of his music as some combination of early Dylan, Ryan Adams at his best, with a little Wilco thrown in for good measure.

As for his between-song banter, I will leave you with a joke he told from the stage:

Q: What sound does a kitten make when you put it in the microwave?

A: I don’t know.  I was too busy masturbating.

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