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What Washington Doesn’t Need

September 14, 2009

As I have said before, Bishop Harry Jackson’s recent meddling in D.C. politics represents a small step for a bigot, and a giant leap for bigotkind.  He doesn’t live in D.C., but he has seen fit to tell this city that gays deserve second-class status.  No real surprise there; mix conservative politics with god and the result is always some form of bitter demagoguery.

But even by those standards, this piece of shit has gone too far.  His latest screed defies all logic by accusing the gays of oppressing Washington’s black community.  How have they done that?  Apparently by insisting that they deserve the same rights as black people.

The truth is that the gay community has “manipulated” the political process through extravagant campaign contributions and strategically infiltrating the city’s Democratic Party’s hierarchy over the last five years. DC council members have ironically participated in the suppression of the citizens’ right to vote in order to advance a privileged minority’s pet issue. This has been done in the name of “civil rights.”

It seems that Jackson believes that the rights of an oppressed minority ought to be subject to popular vote. That would be a wonderful point if it weren’t abjectly stupid. Think for two seconds about the inescapable conclusion of Jackson’s logic, and you’ll see why.

When the activist judges on the Supreme Court ruled in 1967 that anti-miscegenation laws were unconstitutional, people in support of those racist laws could have made the argument that a panel of nine unelected judges ought not to tell the states how to regulate marriage.

Jackson is making the same argument in this case that vile racists would have made 42 years ago. These days, racists don’t have the balls to take that kind of cruel ignorance into the public debate, but Jackson is fucking shameless. In fact, he brings up the black civil rights struggle by saying that his father witnessed the oppression of the Jim Crow South. Though he never ties thought together, the implication is: that was real oppression, this is something else.

For good measure, Jackson throws in an irrelevant reference to September 11. The result: a heady cocktail of stupidity, ignorance, and god-blinded cruelty.

So to Harry the Homophobe, I say, “Fuck you!” Your rambling, ignorant nonsense has earned you five snarling chihuahuas.
Yip yip.  I can hate fags because I am black.  Yip

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  1. David permalink
    September 15, 2009 10:25 am

    Those dogs is funny looking.


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