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If Drugs Were Legal, This Guy Wouldn’t Have Run Over a Cop and Gotten Shot

September 4, 2009

Here’s a story I wouldn’t have noticed if the dead guy weren’t a pastor. The cops in this story are being coy though:

Police later determined what they had seen was not a drug transaction, but ‘other circumstances were involved, and that’s part of the investigation,’ Bankhead said…No drugs and nothing else illegal was found in Ayers’ car, Bankhead said, ‘even though what occurred would make any undercover officer working drugs think that was a possibility. I can’t get into that, but that’s what we’re looking at.’

So, this guy was up to “other circumstances” with a known drug dealer, tried to run over a cop, and was shot to death. What the living fuck. He could have been ministering to the woman or paying her for sex. Or planning for their weekend softball game. Or plotting to kill the president.

But, why in the world did he try to run over the cop?

Other circumstances, indeed.

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