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If You Like Saddled Triceratops and Photographs of Cars Belonging to People Who Disagree With You, Do I Have a Place for You to Visit

August 16, 2009

Perhaps the most prominent full-time science denier alive today is Ken Ham, the brains behind the creationist Answers in Genesis operation, including their fancy Creation Museum in Kentucky.  AiG is such an awesome scientific group, that they will never fail to tell you how many real PhDs they have working for them in exactly the same way that the  N.A.S., Royal Society, or any other legit organization doesn’t do that.

Anyhow, a recent blog post by Ken Ham reveals quite a bit about the guy.  The post is dedicated to two things:

Saddle up!1. The museum has a model of a triceratops with a saddle on it.  It is not in one of the museum’s  exhibits, but kept separate.  The point is for kids to hop on, parents to take a photo, and everyone to go on their way.

In at least three recent posts, Ham’s blog defends the triceratops as an innocent photo op, not a campy reminder of the museum’s intellectual liabilities.  Since it’s not right in the middle of the Garden of Eden exhibit, we’re supposed to ignore the fact that there’s a triceratops with a saddle on display somewhere in a museum that elsewhere contends that triceratops and humans coexisted a few thousand years ago.

Yeeee Haw!  Git along, little raptors!On a recent visit to the museum by about 300 members of the Secular Student Alliance, P.Z. Myers hopped on.  To Ham and his ilk, this was an outrage. How dare a biologist both call them out on their nonsense and take a funny photograph at their expense?

2. The second subject of Ham’s post is a total mindfuck. His writing regularly equates criticism of his very bad ideas with mockery and persecution. It comes off as paranoid and desperate on a good day. But in this post, he includes a collage of bumper stickers from cars parked in the AiG museum’s parking lot on the day that P.Z. & Co. stopped by:

Sweet Jesus!  Satan Himself Must Have Been Driving At Least One of Those Cars!

So, um, AiG had people out in the parking lot photographing secular students’ cars? Uh. Why did they do that? Were they afraid the cars might pry little fishies off the bumpers of the nice Christian cars? Am I wrong for finding this particularly creepy?

Anyway, he follows up the stalkfest collage with this:

As one looks at the messages on these bumper stickers, we need to pray for these very lost people who so desperately need the Lord. Actually, I believe some of these messages really do reflect what the devil offered Adam and Eve in Genesis 3, “you shall become as gods . . . .”

So Obama voters are very lost. Ethical people are very lost. People who “do good” are very lost. DNA is lost. Everything’s lost without salvation, praise the Lord.

Man, oh, man am I glad I am not a Christian.

So, for Ken Ham’s nonstop bragging of being affiliated with doctors of philosophy, his nonstop defense of a stupid exhibit or photo opportunity or whatever the fuck, and for his Nixonian enemies’ bumper stickers list, I award him three snarling chihuahuas.


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  1. David permalink
    August 18, 2009 9:47 am

    I bet Ken Ham loves Arbys.

  2. Barry permalink*
    October 21, 2009 10:14 pm

    Why do you bet he loves Arbys? I think he doesn’t love anything more than Bronze-Age stupidity.

  3. Dan permalink
    April 22, 2010 10:17 pm

    everybody loves arby’s.

    • Barry permalink*
      April 22, 2010 10:24 pm

      I don’t know if I have ever had Arby’s, but I might love it. I do NOT love Ken Ham. That guy gives me the willies.


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