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America, Fuck Yeah!

August 14, 2009

In conjunction, the First Amendment and the free market can be wonderful to behold. A current example of everything working just right:

Venn Beck Glenn Beck is a hysterical, ignorant fearmonger whose histrionics seem to appeal to a demographic group that has little to no overlap with those who care about reality. He compares Obama to those great friends Hitler and Stalin. He thinks Cash For Clunkers is a program through which big brother will gain control of our computers. He thinks the government is Satan’s representative on earth. He cries on camera for no clear reason.

Weirdest of all, he accuses Barack Obama – the son of a white woman – of harboring a racist hatred of white people, but not of hating white people. Or something.

This guy’s audience should be limited to The Chief, Martini, and Billy Bibbitt, but inexplicably, he has a national platform. In an inferior country, his ass would be in a gulag. But we have a First Amendment and it rules. As Penn Jillette says, you only really need the First Amendment to protect your right to say stupid things. There are few greater beneficiaries of this protection than Mr. Beck. The system works.

But there’s more to the story. Beck is a fucking asshole who really shouldn’t be allowed to spray his shit all over our airwaves. It’s a malodorous, virulent splatter of waste from the wasted mind of a waste. It’s just that the government shouldn’t be the one to shut him up. Fox News is too enamored with the stench of its own shit – a stench to which he is a prime contributor – to clean up his act.

So it’s left to the market. The invisible hand. The almighty dollar. Whatever you want to call it, it’s punishing Glenn Beck today, and I couldn’t be happier.

Among the advertisers to pull spots from the popular cable talk show are Geico, owned by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, Procter & Gamble , Sargento Cheese; and Progressive Insurance.

Fuck you, Glenn; the system works.

Update: Beck’s inanity has made him regular grist for Jon Stewart’s unstoppable joke mill. No example of Stewart taking Beck to task could be more stunningly wonderful than this one.

Hat tip to Little Green Footballs for the link.


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