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Impatience: The Tapper Saga, Chapter 6

July 7, 2009

Hey Paul:

You not anser my questions. You not want pay self dubble. You not hlp me. I rite you agen and agen, still you ignor me. I am not stand for this anymore. This your last chanse:

YOu tell me how get money or you find youself in danger hot water.

You Help me now, so we all be happy.

If this is matter of $438.000 dollars, I tell you three times all redy – you pay that from my win dollars, and I pay you dubble! DUBBLE! That mean, almoste 600.024 dollurs.! DUBBLE

Eveyr One WIN! EVEry WON!!!!

WE do this my good friend.

You good lawyur; I good importer! We work together like I love Lucy!

We Frend! We frend.

Now fucking pay me or I will make necklace out of your teeth.


Milton Caligula Horngull

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