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This Jerk Really Wants 438 Bucks; Milton Has Something Else In Mind

July 6, 2009

Here’s the latest round of email between Paul and Milt.  I think that this is the longest I have kept a spammer talking;  perhaps when this conversation finally ends, I will post a few of Milton’s greatest hits.

One wonders why winning the national lottery would have to be kept confidential.


Attn: Milton Caligula Horngull,

I understand what happened at the western union outlet they have been instructed not to allow you send the activation charge so please you would have to use Money Gram to send the money for activation please use same details as before but this time keep it confidential.

Very Respectful,
Barr. Paul Tapper. (L.Lb)


Ron Paul,

Why you not anser my question.  why not you take money from winnings and set up acccount?  Then pay youself dubble from billion dollurs I win.

Also, you not help me know what is Damilola Agein.

You help me, I pay you very much monies.  Also, I thinking about hire you for lawsoot in Eng Land.  I am think of sue Queen LZbeth and Elltin Jon for consperacy they have to hurt Milton and take sweet daughter’s artifishal hand to giv to Nazis from Uranus.

To recap:

1.. You front munny for account, I payyou dubble.

5. What or who Damilola Agein?

E. You maybe help me soo queen and singing homosexual?

Ruggedly Suave,

Milton Caligula Horngull

I didn't even have to open Photoshop to make clear that Elton John is obviously in league with Nazis from space.

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  1. KG2 permalink
    July 6, 2009 8:29 pm

    Milton, please keep writing! Your quest to learn who/what Damilola Agein is makes me smile.

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