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Way to Go, Washington

July 5, 2009

To no one’s surprise, Marion Barry was arrested again yesterday.  The fellow who is currently on probation for tax evasion, who was found to be in possession of cocaine and marijuana in 2002, who tested positive for cocaine and marijuana in 2005, and who in 1990 was famously caught on tape smoking crack was picked up this time for misdemeanor stalking.

Fucking AssholeWhat does it say about a country when its capital city’s former mayor launched a successful reelection campaign from prison, and has continued to expand his rap sheet while serving on the city council?

Speaking of city council, you may recall that Barry was the only member to vote against recognizing same sex marriages in DC.  Bishop Harry Jackson, you have a formidable ally.

There is no question that the people of DC deserve full Congressional representation, but when Marion Barry is continually allowed to make a mockery of the city, the cause becomes less sympathetic.

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