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Scout’s Honor

July 3, 2009

How can they dress boys in short pants and neckerchiefs while purging the gays?Fuck the Boy Scouts of America. I quit the scouts when I was in 8th grade, in solidarity with the gays and atheists purged from their ranks. At the time, I wasn’t gay and I believed in god; however, I didn’t want to be part of a group that excluded people for who they were or what they believed about deities. 17 years later, I’m an atheist, and they’re up to the same old shit. For their intolerance, they are rewarded with federal handouts.

How bizarre is it that an organization would disregard the name and teachings of the gods its members believe in, but demand that the members choose at least one? I mean, Jews killed the Christian god, but Jews and Christians are both welcome. Wink.

And purging the gays? That’s just bigotry. I would mock a country club that excludes blacks, and I will mock these knot-tying douchebags just the same. It makes life worse for a minority, and it’s just plain un-american.

And as for protesting them in hopes of change: these cunts fought all the way to the Supreme Court to preserve their right to exclude people. There’s not much hope of changing a group so entrenched in its own bigotry.

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