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Milton Gets Greedy

July 1, 2009

HDo You Think Mr. Greedy is Related to Grimace From McDonaldland?ere at the Is It Luck media compound, we have yet to hear back from British attorney Paul Tapper.  You may recall that Tapper is the guy who will be in charge of transferring my lottery winnings to me.  My patience wears thin:

To: Paul Tapper (
From: Milton Horngull (
Date: Wednesday, July 1, 2009 at 11:17 AM
Subject: I Am Now For Money Please

Fabulus Paul,

I am hope that you receev email from me all reddy. I ask you send me £1 Billion England Dollars that I win in Lottory.
I have got email from Jillian Smith tell me to contakt you, and I do this befor today. How I can trust you wen you do not rite back to me emails?.

Pleas send mony NOW. This is warning. If needs be, I fly to Eng Land to law firm and demand mony in person from you. You no will like that. I no wannt to do this, but if I does, I bring with me th wrath of a bear and skorpyon.

Give mony NOW.

All love and good wish,

Milton Caligula Horngull

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