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English is hard.

June 24, 2009

(cross-posted at Lingua Franca)

This is my favorite store in park slope (click on the picture to enlarge & read the green awning):

Yes, it’s Stop & Fifth, which is either at the corner of of Fifth Ave and Stop Street, or the proprietors think “fifth” is a verb. Maybe it’s some obscure, extremely thorough way of practicing Robert’s Rules of Order.

“I move that we adjourn!”
“I second.”
“I third.”
“I fourth.”
“Anyone? C’mon, we need someone to fifth this motion before we can vote on it. What about you, Johnson? I fifthed your stupid ‘chips and salsa at all meetings’ motion last week.”

I guess Stop & Fifth is one of those rare establishments where you can pop in to fulfill any bizarrely draconian bureaucratic duties while you wait for your tuna wrap.

To be precise, Stop & Fifth is my favorite currently open Park Slope establishment. My all time favorite, which I sadly do not have a picture of, was a dollar store that enthusiastically boasted on its awning “99¢! And Less! And Up!”

In the just plain stupid category, there’s this, which Alexis snapped while I was driving through Mamaroneck last weekend:

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