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Abraham Link-oln

June 15, 2009

Welcome to a new feature at Is It Luck. From now on, I will from time to time post a bunch of links to whatever I feel like. Feel free to post your own favorite links, too. Comments containing URLs are sent to me for moderation. I will approve pretty much anything that isn’t porn.

It’s a secret to everybody. If you burn down my door, I’ll fucking give you money.  You son of a bitch.

Is Jew Watch a bunch of rambling anti-Semitic nonsense that blames the Jews for everything from – I shit you not – the American Nazi Party to the September 11, 2001 attacks? Yes. Is “Jew Watch” a really funny name? Yes.  Stunning web design, too.

Speaking of 9/11.  Northy and Southy are the constituents of the Soft 9/11 Sculpture.  They’re cute!  They’re horrifying!  To be honest, I am still not sure how I feel about them.  To be even more honest, it doesn’t really matter how I feel about them.  No one asked.

Some really gross canned foods.  I love Oddee.

Wolfram Alpha is a newish search engine.  It does complicated things.  For example, when I asked it to multiply the populations of Ashtabula, Ohio, Washington, D.C., and Junction City, Texas, it came back with this:

Help! Help! Wolfram Alpha Ate My Balls

It’s a really useful site, and I understand the heuristic at play above, but if you ask a stupid question, you’ll get a stupid answer.

I love The Onion with all of my heart, all of my soul, and all of my might.  I can never quite tell if I prefer their coverage of the big stories or the little stuff.

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  1. Kari permalink
    June 15, 2009 2:50 pm

    Re: Gross Canned Food

    1. Canned rattlesnake. Most canned rattlesnake I have seen is actually a joke. When you open the can and BAM out pops a snake that is really a giant felt covered spring.

    2. Canned duck fat. Why is that even gross? We see lard here in the us? So pig fat okay duck fat gross?

    • Barry permalink*
      June 15, 2009 2:54 pm

      1. I have eaten rattlesnake. Not sure if it came out of a can, but it wasn’t bad.

      2. No. Lard is gross, too. I don’t think duck fat is any worse than lard, just slightly exotic. What would really push the limits of this is if they were cans of housecat fat.

      • Kari permalink
        June 15, 2009 2:59 pm

        Housecat fat would be disgusting…but only cuz it is not an animal I eat.

        ALSO lard is delicious. I dont’ care what you say. I actually have a can in the fridge right now. (but i do not eat it straight that would be gross)

      • Barry permalink*
        June 15, 2009 3:05 pm

        I am not saying lard is either delicious or not; I have never used it myself, so I don’t really know what it does to food. All I am saying is that it’s a gross idea. Duck fat is gross, pig fat is gross, cat fat, bat fat, rat fat and elephant fat are all gross. I think they’re more or less equally gross when you get right down to it.

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