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I’m Sure It’s Not Opportunism

May 28, 2009

You may remember my post about the Catholic priest who was sexually attracted to an adult female. Turns out that he was wrong all along about the Catholic Church; it’s now clear to him that the Episcopalians have had the correct description of the world all along.

Funny that his religious awakening was contemporaneous with his decision to keep getting laid. I’m sure they’re not related. I am sure that if he hadn’t been caught with a woman, he would have left the Catholic Church anyway. I am sure that the decision to jettison the teachings of the Church in which he was a priest in favor of those from a different sect is one that can carefully be made in a matter of weeks. I am sure that his decision to enter the Episcopal clergy isn’t because he has no other marketable skills.

I don’t believe in God. But if I did, my beliefs would be about Him, not me. Either the Catholic Church is right in its description of the universe or it’s not. My libido has no bearing on the issue, and neither does Father Cutie’s.
He’s already shown that the vows he made to the Catholic Church were meaningless; how could the Episcopalians accept him into their clergy? And what will happen when he’s caught with a guy and decides he’s a Unitarian?
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