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2 Out of 2 Lucksters Agree

May 8, 2009

Dear Lucksters,

We just noticed that the internet has a site all about Dave Spiderhand Godowsky. He’s an old friend, a fantastic musician, and almost definitely not going to harm you or anyone you love.

As such, you owe it to Ian, Dave, and me to check out his website and his music. Just click on his name above. Or we’ll all harm you and someone you love.

Ian, is there anything you would like to say?

Ian: Yeah.

Barry: Go ahead.

Ian: pant legs, heels, sand, we’re plodding on, plodding on, ruts, clods of dirt, glassy pebbles flashing, the glare, the heat humming, quivering, everything is black in the sunlight, cottages, fences, fields, woods, the road, this march, from where, what for, a lot could be said, actually

This guy is the real deal.

b & i
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