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Janeane Garofalo Makes Ann Coulter Look Reasonable

April 18, 2009

Ok. That’s not true. Nothing could make Ann Coulter look reasonable. However, the video below displays uninformed, prolix nonsense and ad hominem sliming of Coulterian proportions aggravated by Olbermann’s obsequious clucks of assent. I may agree with many of their political positions, but these assholes will never

speak for me.

How many times have we heard people bemoan “the tone in Washington”? Apparently, “changing the tone” means “having my nauseous polemics come through louder than the other side’s”.

Let’s let reasonable people do the disagreeing.

Your disgusted pal,

Note:  The original video seems to have disappeared, but a simple google search of “Garofalo + Olbermann” will return a bounty of obnoxious shit.  ❤ B


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