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Injury, I’d Like You to Meet Insult

March 6, 2009

Holy Roman Piñata is at it again. It is better, they say, for an 80-pound 9-year-old to hang on to two fetuses than to give them the old heave-ho. No matter that those fetuses would have remained ova without the brutal intervention of the girl’s stepfather.

With the Church’s display of such horrible judgment, who knows if the girl’s family would even want to remain Catholic? Well, it’s not a decision they will have to make. The asshole pictured here made clear that the mother and the doctor got the old heave-ho from the Church.

What else should we expect from an organization that vests its authority in a robed fleet of elderly male virgins?

After all, this is the organization that excommunicates advocates for the expansion of women’s roles, but won’t excommunicate child rapists, even those who have solemnly undertaken the authority to give sacraments. This is the organization that says, “AIDS in Africa is bad, but condoms are worse.” All the while, the Church holds fast to the line that atheists can not articulate morality without the help of a god. If “morality” means “behaving like the Church”, then I will stick to my profligate life of not raping children, not protecting those who rape children, and not valuing the transmission of semen over the life of the person from whom that semen came.

If ever there was a case where abortion is the moral necessity, this is it. By all accounts, pregnancy is
really hard on the body of a grown woman; I shudder at the havoc it would wreak on an 80-pound girl. According to her doctor, she would have become infertile had the twins been carried to term. In the best-case scenario. The pregnant 9-year-old girl’s death was not out of the question, so her mother made a decision that favored a living, breathing daughter’s well-being over the alleged rights of two fetuses whose brains were just at the point where they could make blips on an EEG. Rather than being intransigent, the Church should have considered that its position was tantamount to calling for the girl’s death or serious injury.

Oh, wait: that would require the Holy See to muster a shred of human decency, but I guess their concern is with something much
higher. Is that an unfair attack? Certainly not as unfair as the attack on a 9-year-old girl that started this mess.

Sleep well,


P.S. – I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this before, but I am beginning to think that the Church is, um, inexpert in its reaction to child rape. Just sayin.

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  1. Korbie permalink
    October 27, 2009 7:20 pm

    I would say that since the little pre-fetus (what are they, zygotes?) thingies were aborted, it was God’s will. You can practically say that about anything that happens.

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